The Whisper of Dragons is coming soon. It’s been a long time in the works, but I’m happy to be releasing this stand alone contemporary fantasy in the next few months. When it’s out, you will be able to purchase it on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.

The cover is a work in progress, and is the last step I need before loading the book onto Amazon. Read the blurb below to get a sneak peek.


Earthquakes and social unrest tear apart 21st century Earth; something is wrong with the Story of the world. Stories are the bonds of connection between all matter, and Kavi, a Story Whisperer, must solve the mystery of this chaos. Before a deeper threat leads to the death of humanity.

But Kavi has a secret. A dragon chose her as its heir when she was a child. The strength of her magic to bend the Stories of matter is stronger than anyones, and her dragon wants her to inherit its mantle, transform, and join the ranks of the Guardians who protect the world. Although protecting the world does not necessarily mean saving humanity.

If the dragons powerful Story magic cannot save them, how will she? And will she have to give up her humanity to do it?


And check out my Books page for the full details on my already published Eden’s Court Saga.

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